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Based in Rotterdam, Antwerpen and Cologne, Dankers International is a big company specialised in industrial and civil constructions.

What WE DO:

  • We pay between € 450 and € 500 net for a 40-hour working week.
  • We reimburse / arrange / pay accommodation for the employees, without food and drink.
  • We arrange / pay the health insurance.
  • We provide the accommodation near the work place on a radius of 30 km or 30 minutes travel time.
  • We offer a six-month contract with possibility for extension.
  • We reimburse the outward journey after the first day at work, with a maximum of € 200.
  • In exceptional cases we also pay higher wages and more expenses, on request.


  • We don’t pay for your food or drinks.

What YOU have TO DO:

  • Be on time.
  • Behave properly.
  • Exercise your profession well.
  • Evt. have the needed equipment.
  • Evt. master a foreign language.
  • Have patience until the first advance payment.
  • Have a bank account number in EUR. It can be at a bank in your country.

Some of our projects